Michelle C. Ogle
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist



Thank you for visiting my website. After 16 years as a Psychotherapist, I continue to be passionate and excited about the work I do, the community in which I live, and the people I serve. I provide a warm, safe, compassionate and acceptance-oriented environment, where judgmental has no place and I welcome you to be yourself. In our therapy sessions, I encourage a reciprocal process, involving you as a participant as we discuss your treatment direction. 

At this time, during this uneasy and stressful Covid era, I continue to provide therapy services using a Tele-Therapy platform. Services include individual therapy, couples therapy, groups, seminars and workshops. Nothing is limited by an online platform and there’s even some benefits as well.

I enjoy bringing positivity, integrity, flexibility and hopefulness through compassion, skill building and honoring the many stories shared with me.

The world as a whole, and down to each person, is suffering. The world as we knew it, has changed and we all face the small and large unknowns moving forward. This can feel scary, unsettling, unorganized, and stressful. We do have Choice however – many things are still in our control. It might take us all to reach inward to find that resilience that helps us move forward despite new obstacles. I believe that each of us has the answers we need. Sometimes, it takes a guide, therapist and support, to help you identify where to start, how to make sense of it all.

How will you spend your choices? And how can I help you?

The time for your own self-care is Now. I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay safe during these uncertain times.