Michelle C. Ogle
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a form of therapy in which the client is treated on a one-on-one basis with a therapist. Individual therapy helps a single person work through personal issues which negatively impact your daily life and goals. Together we will discuss your goals and agree together on your treatment direction. Your voice and participation are welcome and important in the work we do together.

Some common reasons for seeking therapy are:

  • Adding to your support network.
  • Gaining a better understanding of yourself.
  • Learning communication skills.
  • Learning how to handle emotions.
  • Identifying underlying causes of symptoms.
  • Learning coping strategies for life stressors and challenges.
  • Managing symptoms of Depression and Anxiety.
  • Facilitating lifestyle changes and life transitions.

Couples/Marriage Therapy 

Couples/Marriage Therapy works with two people who have created an interdependent relationship.

How can Couples Therapy help? Couples therapy begins as an awareness discussion to identify your presenting struggles, learn your strengths, and understand what you are hoping to gain through therapy. Couples work can help the partnership grow together, while each retains their individuality, keeping your own needs, feelings and goals that are important to you – while also keeping your partnership/marriage a priority also.

Couples often request or need to learn skills such as conflict resolution skills, to uncover possible roadblocks, to learn effective communication skills for your type of relationship. Learn the natural stages of marriage, and be prepared in advance, for the struggles that so many couples encounter.

Couples can also focus on stages or transition times such as pre-marital work, navigating the first few years together, balancing family dynamics vs. your marriage, or addressing new challenges and transitions that come into a couple’s space along the way. It’s important to keep in mind that there was a reason a couple came together, and it’s easy to lose sight of that, when life changes and events consume us.

I provide a safe, neutral space for both individuals, making sure each feels heard and respected. It’s important to me that each person will know their voice is welcome equally, throughout our work together…


Group psychotherapy is an effective way to get comfort and support, through the shared experiences and knowledge of others and in a safe and private environment.
Receive feedback and support from others going through the same thing – lean on each other, through the stressors and struggles you might be experiencing. Participants are Not forced to talk, (which is a myth I’m happy to dispel). It’s a place to feel safe among those who are going through what you are. It is an engaging and positive experience that even skeptical members, who have tried group therapy, come back to tell me how helpful and positive this kind of support felt.
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Seminars, Workshops, Corporate Trainings – Michelle provides services in different venues. Visit the Trending Topics page to see current announcement. OR What do you need to help bring Mind Health to your group or work space? Call Michelle to discuss your personal event.

I enjoy participating in community events, and now with Covid, I find it especially important to connect with others, to help people tease out emotions, fear, anxiety and how to keep people motivated in an isolated environment .while Covid is still a significant threat.

I provide speaking workshops and seminars that take place in recovery centers, corporations, schools, and other community centers. Sign Up to hear about future workshop announcements or check the Trending Topics page.

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