Michelle C. Ogle
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


Is therapy right for me?

Therapy is right for anyone, who is interested in getting the most out of their life, and their wellness – including interest in increased self – awareness, a desire to grow intrinsically, and efficiently moving through difficult changes and stages.  

Therapy is ideal for those interested in improving the quality of relationships, interested in how to be a confident about your decisions and clear in your communication –all elements of a happier daily life.

There are many reasons why people seek therapy including:
• Daily struggles that reduce your level of functioning.
•In need of immediate assistance and support.
•Effectively communicate with others
• Evaluating the safety of your relationship, choosing relationships carefully
•Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression that negatively impact your daily life
• Resolving past trauma, understanding how to manage trauma feelings
• Unexpected challenges and changes
• Loss and Grief: of loved ones, situations, life changes
• Transitional stages in which you might need guidance.
• Pursuit of self, raising awareness or growth on a journey of Self Exploration.
• Needing new skills to tackle reoccurring problems or stress
• Taking responsibility and needing support to do so
• Cancer survivor and caregiver support

What benefits can I expect from therapy?

Therapy can provide understanding, new perspectives and create alternative solutions to life challenges. Learn skills that allow you to regulate your emotions and symptoms while also managing the constant and transitional stressors of your life.

Therapy work can improve relationships, strengthen family dynamics, improve communication and confidence and increase your work performance.

It has also been shown that a significant amount of physical complaints such as headaches and stomach problems, have been correlated to mental health issues tend to resolve themselves after working on your own internal strength and reduce life stressors.

Overall people in therapy tend to have lower levels of anxiety and stress, decreased conflict and improved quality of life. 

What can I expect from my therapist?

I welcome participation in a collaborative process and treatment direction You can expect an open and safe environment to get to know each other. You can expect honesty and direct communication. You can expect me to Listen without judgement. You can expect to be informed about our work together and what might be requested of you. And you can expect that I won’t always know the answer. You can expect that I will Not tell you what to do, nor will any therapist. Therapy is to guide you, lead you with discovery and solutions that you innately have. You are in control of your treatment in which I welcome your participation in a collaborative process. My goal is your mental wellness, and your happiness. I am happy to hear your goals and expectations when we consult via phone.

How do I get started?

Schedule your Free Consult to discuss needs and goals (insert contact me link).  You will then schedule an intake, complete forms and begin your journey.

How does tele-therapy work?

It’s simple. Once the Consent for Treatment forms are completed, 

-We will schedule an Intake session which is usually 90 minutes. All subsequent sessions are 50 minutes each.

-I will confirm your tele-therapy session via text, usually at the beginning of your session week.

-You will receive a link to our tele-therapy session 5-10 minutes before our session and will start on time.

How does tele-therapy work?

-If you are more than 15 min late, I will log off and consider this a no show.

-If you have not phoned to cancel at least 48 hours in advance and do not call or no show for your appointment, there will be a $40 no show fee, charged to your credit card on file for payment. 

-If you attend a session within the same week, you will avoid the no show fee.